The World’s End – sideways to truth

So I’ve got a painful ear infection, and really felt the best use of my time would be to finally finish my musings on The World’s End. Not a review, because that implies some thorough, objective weighing of all the elements and frankly, I freely admit that I’m probably NOT objective in the least. The first 2/3rds of the Cornetto Trilogy already sat proudly near the pinnacle of my Very Favorite Things file. They have done ever since I took a chance on a weird sounding zombie movie (I’m not a zombie fan; childhood “trauma”), just because it was Those Guys from Those Things I really liked late night on IFC (Big Train and Spaced). This is why a friend and I coordinated to collect trading cards and then sit on the sidewalk for hours (8 or so?) to gain access to a special premiere at San Diego Comic-con.

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